Borderless Security Crises and Multilateral Responses


Seoul Defense Dialogue 2021


Being held in its ninth iteration this year, the Seoul Defense Dialogue (SDD) is a multilateral cooperation platform representative of the global defense field. Launched by the Republic of Korea Ministry of National Defense in 2012, the SDD was able to find its current place on the international stage through the interest and support of high-level defense officials and civilian security experts from various nations and international security organizations

This year, under consideration of the COVID19 situation, the SDD will be reconfigured into the 「Seoul Defense Dialogue 2020 Virtual Seminar」, held from the 1st to the 3rd of September. The sessions will feature a virtual discussion connecting the socially distanced, on-site domestic seminar with foreign security specialists. Simultaneously, live-stream broadcasting capabilities will enable defense officials and security experts from all over the world to follow the emergent dialogue in real time. This new format will provide the opportunity for lively discussion on major security issues and facilitate the exchange of diverse opinions and solutions while ensuring, to the greatest degree possible, the safety of all participants.

Uncertainty and instability in the international community in 2020 is more rampant than ever before. Traditional security threats including strategic competition between superpowers and the arms race persist, while transnational and non-traditional security threats such as terrorism, cybersecurity threats, and varied disasters are also on the rise. In particular, the global proliferation of COVID-19 not only represents the largest number of lives lost since World War II, but also serves as a growing threat to security, increasing the political, economic and social instability of all nations.

Under the thematic umbrella of ‘Emerging Security Challenges: Overcoming through Solidarity and Cooperation', and with the participation of many prominent security experts, the 「Seoul Defense Dialogue 2020 Virtual Seminar」 will aim to facilitate an in-depth discussion on world order and international cooperation in the era of COVID-19, as well as on the implications of non-traditional security threats upon national defense.

Moreover, as this year marks the 70th anniversary for the beginning of the Korean War, we will evaluate the efforts of the Korean government and the international community in establishing peace on the Korean Peninsula, while also looking ahead into the future of the Peninsula peace process to identify the challenges and solutions for successfully establishing a peace regime.

By facilitating dialogue on security issues currently facing the Korean Peninsula and the international community as a whole, the 「Seoul Defense Dialogue 2020 Virtual Seminar」 is expected to contribute greatly to the ability of multinational defense and security officials in preparing for the future.