How to Address Complex Security Challenges : Fostering International Solidarity

Special Session 1

International Cooperation in Improving the PKO Environment


Due to the rise of new unconventional threats including climate change, pandemics, cyber, and drones, the international community is increasingly demanding global solidarity and cooperative responses for the prevention of conflicts as well as the establishment and maintenance of peace. Especially, the polarization among the countries, which was aggravated by the COVID-19 outbreak, caused a surge in places of need and highlighted the importance of efficient employment of limited number of forces, budget, and resources. This trend has raised the importance of "technology utilization" that enables effective responses to the threats that may occur in the domain of UN PKO.

In 2021, the Republic of Korea became the first Asian nation to host the UN Peacekeeping Ministerial. Under the overarching theme "Technology and Medical Capacity Building," the Republic of Korea has made 6 pledges in the area of asset contribution, training, capacity building of female UN peacekeepers, and police support. The event also enabled active discussions on the practical ways to enable the efficient UN peacekeeping activity and its advancement amidst the diversifying security environment.

With reference to the pledges made during the UN Peacekeeping Ministerial 2021, this session encourages participants to focus on 1) reviewing technological challenges to establishing eco-friendly smart camps using advanced technologies, 2) sharing possible options to encourage active participation of female UN peacekeepers in overseas dispatch units and successful cases of capacity-building, 3) discussing ways to build trilateral partnerships between UN, ROK, and providing countries to establish close partnerships between the member states and expand training programs based on such cooperation, promoting the safety of UN peacekeeping activities and mission execution capabilities of the UN peacekeepers.